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Donate Toiletry Items for the Homer Davis Toiletry Closet


TOILETRY CLOSET (new 2018-2019)

Families must prioritize which items they spend their money on and often hygiene items are of low priority. As a result, kids come to school with body odor for lack of soap or deodorant. Teachers share that these students sit in class and do not participate because they are embarrassed.


The Toiletry Closet is a brand new project to assist students at Homer Davis. Shelving has been installed in the Nurse’s office, and here students will be able to access toothpaste, combs and brushes, deodorant, and other toiletries.


Contributions of the following items are helpful to the students:


Toiletry Items Needed for Students



Dental floss






Acne products

Feminine hygiene products

Equate Lice shampoo