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Tucson's Shinshinim....

Shinshinim שינשינים

Meet our emissaries, Shay Friedwald and Danielle Levy, in all your familiar Jewish places around Tucson. They are a living bridge for people of all ages to Israel and Israeli culture.

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Our Shinshinim?
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Shay Friedwald

Danielle Levy

What They Do

As Shinshinim

After graduation from Israeli high school, students may defer their army service for one year in order to volunteer in English speaking communities.

How They Serve

For Nearly a Year in Tucson

Our Shinshinim will strengthen our local Jewish community's connections by serving as a living bridge to Israel.

Where to Find Them

In the Community

You will find them frequently at the Tucson Jewish Community Center but remember they will be participating in many programs with our synagogues and other Jewish places.