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Beth Shalom Temple Center (Other), P.O. Box 884, Green Valley, AZ 85622. Phone (520) 648-6690 Website: Beth Shalom Temple Center is not affiliated with any branch of Judaism but embraces them all. We have been described as "reconformadox" although we also have some members who consider themselves Humanistic Jews. Our activities include Shabbat and Holy Day services, funeral and memorial services, holiday dinners, Bagel Breakfasts, educational activities, social activities, a theatrical group, Caring Committee assistance for ailing and homebound Jews in the Green Valley area, a cemetery and other activities. Our organization is entirely volunteer and composed primarily of retirees.

Congregation Anshei Israel (Conservative), 5550 E. 5th St., Tucson, AZ 85711. Phone (520) 745-5550 Website: www.caiaz.orgCongregation Anshei Israel is committed to promoting Jewish continuity by fostering a spiritual, educational and social environment in accordance with the values of Conservative Judaism. As an Egalitarian congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, we encourage the participation of all individuals and families in planning as well as attending our numerous services, programs and events. Please come enjoy the warm and welcome atmosphere of our Anshei Israel family.

Congregation Beit Simcha (House of Joy) 3001 East Skyline Drive, Suite 117Tucson, AZ 85718, (520) 276-5675, administration@beitsimchatucson.orgttps:// Congregation Beit Simcha was established in October 2018 by a group of passionate and caring congregants and Senior Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon to create a synagogue that strives each day to “Serve God with Joy.” (Psalm 100:2)  Beit Simcha works toward a society in which Judaism is central to the lives of Jews and is a profound and positive force in the community and the world. Drawing on the incredible tradition of Judaism, Beit Simcha will reach far beyond the walls of the synagogue to learn, worship, serve and continually redefine what it means to be Jewish today. Beit Simcha is an inclusive and welcoming community, located in northwest Tucson. We encourage participation from all who seek a connection to Jewish life and want to be part of our sacred community regardless of background, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability or age.  Our mission is to join with God in “continually renewing the work of creation,” seeking together to build a dynamic faith-community and a greater world that reflect the eternal values of Judaism in affirming ways.

Congregation Bet Shalom (Conservative), 3881 E River Rd., Tucson, AZ 85718 Phone (520) 577-1171 Website: Congregation Bet Shalom is a small, warm, and friendly congregation located on River Road, across the street north of the JCC/Jewish Federation campus. Egalitarian, participatory and family oriented, we offer Jews of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to pray, learn and grow together. Our religious school teachers are experienced, mature and caring individuals who are committed to providing your children an exceptional Jewish education. Bet Shalom is a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Congregation Chabad Lubavitch (Orthodox), 1315 N. Mountain, Tucson, AZ 85719. Phone (520) 882-9422. Congregation Chabad Lubavitch is an organization geared to accommodate the religious and spiritual needs of every Jew, regardless of background or education. Chabad serves the local Jewish community with creative holiday awareness programs such as the Shofar Factory and the Model Matzoh Bakery. Other programs include the Tucson Teens -Youth Talmud Program, Max Glass Chabad Library and the Student Free Loan Fund.


Congregation Chaverim (Reform), 5901 E. 2nd St. Tucson, AZ 85711 Phone (520) 320-1015 Website: Congregation Chaverim is a Reform Jewish congregation in which each member is personally responsible for creating a dynamic congregational family experience that cultivates spirituality, education and traditions through active participation. One of our goals is to create an identification with Judaism through the participation of the entire family in a series of shared religious and educational experiences and to foster a creative and innovative religious atmosphere while preserving Jewish tradition and ethics. Now, for the first time in our 30+ year history, Congregation Chaverim is permanently housed in our own synagogue building allowing Chaverim to better fulfill its mission as a full service Reform Congregation. Shabbat Services and holiday celebrations as well as Children's and Adult Education programs are part of our caring environment that promotes our community spirit of worship, friendship, and social action. Affiliated with UAHC for more then 27 years.

Congregation Chofetz Chayim (Orthodox), 5150 E. 5th St., Tucson, AZ 85711 Phone (520) 747-7780 Congregation Chofetz Chayim is dedicated to providing an environment where Jews of all backgrounds can discover for themselves the joy of Jewish living. Offerings include Hebrew School, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Torah training, year-round adult education programs, Sabbath and weekday services, preschool and kindergarten and the Sisterhood. The Southwest Torah Institute is dedicated to instilling the truths of Torah and the beauty of Jewish life through educational and outreach programs.

Congregation M'kor Hayim (Reform), P.O. Box 31806, Tucson, AZ 85751, Phone (520) 904-1881 (holding services and other activities at the Tucson Hebrew Academy, 3888 E. River Road). Web address Congregation M'kor Hayim is a Reform congregation dedicated to building a spiritual, religious, intellectual and social home based on Jewish values and practices. Our intent is to remain small, so that members of our community are personally known by our rabbi and by other members of the congregation.

Kol Simchah (Reform/Renewal), 4625 E. River Road (Swan and River) Tucson, AZ 85718, (Masonic Lodge) Phone (520) 296-0818 Kol Simchah is a Jewish family who celebrates the gift of life by reaching out to the Divine, our fellow human beings, and the delicate web of life in the world of nature. Our Jewish identity begins with each unique individual, and we build a better world together through prayer, study, observance, and social action. We share building space with St. Francis in the Foothills UMC and partner with the greater religious, spiritual, and peace communities to 'do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our Creator. Affiliated (misspellAffliated) with ALEPH; Alliance for Jewish Renewal. Our services are on the 1st & 3rd Fridays at 7:15 PM.

Congregation Or Chadash (Reform), 3939 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85718 Phone (520) 512-8500 Website: Congregation Or Chadash, offers a new perspective on our spiritual search for value and meaning. Regular worship services, Tot Shabbat, Religious School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, adult education /B'nai Mitzvah, Torah study, life cycle events and family retreats are ongoing. We are a caring community of 360 families, building and growing closer through study, worship and acts of loving kindness.

Secular Humanist Jewish Circle (SHJC) is organized to meet the affiliative needs of cultural, humanist, secular Jews (and their non-Jewish family members/partners) in the community. We come together for celebration, education, social and fun activities that celebrate Jewish holidays, history, culture, and life cycle events through a humanistic lens. We build socially conscious activities into our programs. Seeking solutions to human conflicts that respect the freedom, dignity, and self-esteem of our fellow human beings, we rely on sources such as reason, observation, experimentation, creativity, and artistic expression to address questions about the world. A few times a year our mainly volunteer congregation enjoys the leadership of visiting rabbis.  We are an affiliate of the international Society for Humanistic Judaism. SHJC does not have its own building. For more information about the organization, please visit our website,, or like us on Facebook. We will be glad to answer your questions; please contact Sandee Binyon, President, (520) 232-0226, or Cathy Becskehazy, Membership,(520) 271-4830.  


Temple Emanu-El (Reform), 225 N. Country Club, Tucson, AZ 85716 Phone (520) 327-4501 Website: Temple Emanu-El is the Arizona's first congregation, and its fastest-growing. Founded in 1910, Emanu-El is the largest (803 families) and most active Reform congregation in Tucson, offering a warm, energetic, and creative community in which each person can find meaning and beauty in Judaism. It offers a dynamic Adult Education Academy--the most extensive and finest adult Jewish education in Arizona--and a full-service Preschool, B'nai Mitzvah, Religious and Hebrew School, Outreach Program, Sisterhood, and an extensive music program (including our 50-voice Youth Choir and Avanim band). We offer an array of Shabbat services, from Tot Kabbalat Shabbat to Kabbalistic Services to Outreach to Shabbat Rocks, as well as full festival services and programs.


Temple Kol Hamidbar (Reform), P.O. Box 908, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 Phone (520) 458-8637  Website: Temple Kol Hamidbar is a reform congregation affiliated with the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. As the only organized Jewish congregation in Cochise County, the Temple serves the needs of the Jewish community of Sierra Vista and surrounding communities.


Congregation Young Israel (Orthodox), 443 E. 4th St., Tucson, AZ 85719 Phone (520) 326-8362 For the past 50 years, Young Israel has been dedicated to maintaining the basics of Orthodox Judaism by providing a center for traditional ideas. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah training is available, as well as a social hall, kosher facilities and Mikva.


Chabad on River is a popular center for Jews of all backgrounds who want to learn more about their Jewish roots. Chabad offers a wide variety of educational and spiritual opportunities, including Torah classes and lectures and an array of family and social activities. Traditional Jewish values are brought to life in a joyous, non-judgmental atmosphere. Services are traditional and children are included and welcome. An important part of our community is the weekly kiddush luncheon that follows the shabbat morning services, where friendships are created and nurtured and we celebrate each other's happy occasions. For more information about Chabad on River, visit


The Institute for Judaic Services and Studies (IJSS) at SaddleBrooke (reform), 38759 S. MountainView Blvd., offers SaddleBrooke residents, their guests and other interested area residents, the opportunity to experience Jewish High Holiday and Shabbat Services with their friends and neighbors. The IJSS provides six (6) Friday night Shabbat Services during the year (one in Oct, Nov., Jan., Feb., March, and April).  Preceding each Shabbat Service, there is an optional, no-host dinner; after services there is a social hour with an Oneg.  In 2011-2012, the IJSS introduced educational classes led by Rabbi Sanford Seltzer.  Future study programs will be announced in the Fall. All services are held in the West Ballroom of the MountainView Country Club (MVCC).  The dinners and the study programs are also held in MVCC.  Articles are placed in the local and surrounding area newspapers/newsletters detailing up-coming events. However, our most effective means of communication is email.  If you would like to receive our emails or for further information, please contact either Joel Wyner, Chair, 825-8175, ; or Barbara Silvian, Vice-Chair, 818-3464,